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Crystal Batteries - Power Alternative.


Batteries, they are our primary means of power outside and inside the home. Our cordless, backup, and portable devices all use them.  

What are the considerations to improve the already present technology?



  1. Environmentally friendly components / materials.
  2. Better storage capacity / output.
  3. More dynamic in their packaging / space requirements.
  4. Longer lasting both in output & lifespan.

I am aware of the power of crystals as they are already commonplace in our everyday industrial, consumer, and spiritual/alternative  areas of life.

Liquid crystal displays (LCD’s) are in nearly every home in the form of computer monitors, ipods, televisions, and so on.

Their (crystals) ability to carry electrical current is a matter of fact and can be found in a number of textbooks.  This is not new territory, but the application of using them as batteries is full of benefits that satisfy the 4 points above.

1.  Crystals occur naturally and in abundance all over the world and are already mined routinely for use in many applications.   Jewelry is the main one which people would be aware of in their day-to-day lives.  They way also be aware of  lab-grown crystals too.  So are we talking mining more of the earths natural resources? Well lab grown crystals are not held in such high regard as the original naturally occurring ones in looks.  But if we are only looking to replicate their chemical properties, then lab-grown crystals are an economical , eco-friendly, and very good alternative to mining natural ones.

2.  Crystals are a much better conductor of electricity than copper and their capacity is higher than fiber optics. In fact metals are the easiest to manufacture for use, as electrical conductors.  Crystals made as an alternative for batteries would be pretty simple for factories to produce, and they wouldn’t require raw ores to be mined in the quantities that is required to produce metals.

3.  Crystals compared to metals have several advantages right off the bat.  They are lighter (weight),  they have virtually unlimited (depending on quality) recharges.  and they are just as versatile in terms of shaping the to a battery mold.  Crystals prepared in the correct way will provide a higher output for the equivalent conventional battery of the same weight.  Higher output means either smaller battery size or more high power applications for batteries. 

4.  They can in some circumstances recharge themselves as the medium of crystal itself generates the electricity as the electrons flow within it.  Thus they constantly chase their own tail moving around the crystal and perpetually generate electricity.  Thus a significantly longer life span for these types of battery is a great alternative for those currently being used.   Also the need to recharge is greatly reduced thus it would be a case of “do you want to use battery or use mains power”  and no charging would be part of the “using battery power” process.  No recharging, or at much longer intervals of maybe months,  superb.    

Crystals are light sensitive and they store light energy much like a solar panel, so if after a few months of use all that is required is a little sunlight to rejuvenate them, then that could be built into there design as a transparent casing or some other suitable design solution.  

This is well worth some exploration as a power alternative for electrically powered devices. 

Love & Light,