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Alaje Energy Vortex video

Hello and greetings to you. This is the most recent video (2nd May 2011) from Alaje a Pleadian who has incarnated here on Earth to assist us in our transformation/ascendance into 4th & 5th density. I have links in other posts about Alaje & Pleiadians, and so you don’t have to go searching, I will post all his videos below for you to view.  They are filled with love energy and are very uplifting. 


Love & Light, 
















The Pleiadians


There are many Pleiadians on this planet, and in contact with this planet.  Alaje is one of these beings, he incarnated (was born) on Earth and therefore has the right to inform people as one of Earths citizens. The main thing to remember is that none of us are originally from Earth, we are all from some place else. Just like America, we are all aliens of some kind who have come together in one place.  Alaje and many others who are here to help, are born here but they retain their past life history and benefit from their vast knowledge from those lifetimes. 


Billy Meier described how the Pleiadians, descendents of the Lyrans, had migrated between a number of star systems before finally settling in the Pleiades constellation:

The ancient history of the early Pleiadian ancestors in another home sun system was also described and how they came to travel to the Pleiades. A much earlier migration to this solar system is also described and how and why it failed. The one third survivors of the Pleiadian ancestors’ original planet, after its devastation, evolved a new technology, and designed and built the great-spacer evacuation arks in just 900 years, and began to launch them everywhere for many hundreds of years more.


The extraterrestrials visiting Switzerland are the descendants of one of those space arks which occupied one of the three planets engineered for human habitation, in one of the sun-systems in what we call the Pleiades today.

They have experienced great gains and great losses many times over since that time. In a very real sense, we are descendants of their earliest colonists attempting to settle in this solar system, together with an assortment of aborigines and human exiles from a number of places. 

The particular star system from which Meier’s Pleiadians originate is Taygeta and the main planet is Erra. [69] The Pleiadians from Taygeta identified Meier as one of their chosen ‘representatives’ with a mission to bring the truth of the extraterrestrial presence to humanity.


Semjase, the Pleiadian female who made contact with Meier, described the Pleiadians as follows:

We are neither guardians of Earth beings nor God-sent angels or similar. Many persons suggest we are watching over Earth and her beings and would control their fates. This is not true, because we only perform a self-selected mission which has nothing to do with supervising or regulating Earth fates. Thus it is wrong to expose us as superterrestrial messengers and guardians.

Other key aspects of the Pleiadian mission according to Meier, are to assist in the uplift of human consciousness and to promote the unity of religion. 


Interestingly, Collier claimed that some Pleiadians groups such as those from Alcyone operate with ‘hidden agendas’, while those from Teygeta (e.g., Meier’s Pleiadians) are described as genuinely assisting humanity.   Despite the possible ‘hidden agenda’ of some Pleiadians, most testimony and evidence points to Pleiadians in general having positive interactions with humans, and that they do much to assist in the elevation of human consciousness and assisting humanity.

In conclusion, the main activity of the Pleiadians appears to be,

helping humanity find freedom from oppressive structures through education and consciousness raising

The Pleiadians can assist in find global solutions such as,

universal human rights

participatory democratic systems

the evolution of human consciousness

global education


Love & Light,