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Love & Appreciation

Love,  a word that represents something much bigger than just 4 letters.  No matter how casually it’s used, or misused,  it reminds us of the most powerful thing there is in creation!  



Love does not recognise colour, love does not recognise species, love does not recognise - 





Solar systems,





or Laurials (those creations above universes)  


Love is creation,  so if you want to create something , love is always part of that creation.

I have myself sometimes found it hard to forgive harm done to me or my loved ones, and through this growing process for me, I have begun to realise those who harm are just on their way to love and appreciation and are still yet to arrive at love.   There are no truly bad creations out there or here.  There are only those who are loving and those who are learning.    


Physicality is something you can see and touch.  This is relative of course as a bee for example can see ultraviolet light but we as humans can not.  UV light is still part of the physical existence, so different species have a different view of physicality.   Love is not a physical thing, but it can be expressed that way.  Love is what you feel, and you don’t need a body to feel it.  If you choose to have a body, then you can still feel love.


I am learning to love those who have wronged me on their way to realising love.  Some are just experimenting with this thing called physicality and haven’t quite got it figured out yet. They give out the wrong energy and react on what they get back, not considering right or wrong.  Right in the physical world is a matter of perspective.  Those that have bodies know it is wrong to harm bodies.  Those who do not have physical bodies may not perceive a body being harmed to be any harsher that cutting the grass on your lawn, or picking a flower.   Non physical beings are just learning, out of curiosity.  We ourselves have not always been in bodies.  Being a human is a slight contradiction really.  We choose to have human bodies and sometimes we forget that we are a separate thing from our bodies.  We could quite as easily be a tree or a rock if we wanted to experience that existence.  


So Love is the thing that flows through us and around us. It is there every time we admire something, someone, or some being.  Remember body-life is part of duality.  Most think life is one half of existence, the other half being death.  But this is not the case,  only a body or physical thing can die.  If you choose to have a body and it comes to the end of its life, then you leave the area of that body and get your self a new one, if you so choose.  

You yourself can never die,  you are eternal,  and as such  you can live forever and experience many different existences, bodies, plants, you can even be a planet if you want to.  One thing you can not do is ‘not be’.   A struggle to survive with a body is part of a game you are playing to find your way back to love.

Love is creation and love is your natural state, regardless of whatever you may be at this present time. 

Games are how we learn and experience our chosen existence. When we learn all we can about that existence then we choose another existence to play our next games to learn all there is about that existence.  If there are no existences left to learn from, then we create a new one. This is why 5th density becomes 6th, then 7th then 8th then 9th density.  This is why we have new planets, stars, galaxies, universes, and laurials (above universes).   Play your games well learn and find your way to return to love.  I will be there waiting for you.

I love and admire you all,



JFK Speech



Twin Flames (Divine Love)

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together. So you probably haven’t had many lifetimes with your twin.

Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally become enlightened, before reuniting with their twin. This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be “practice” for the twin, the ultimate relationship.


What is a Soulmate?

Soulmates are our soul family, the ones we do have many lifetimes and experiences with, who help us grow and evolve, create and dissipate karma. According to ancient wisdom, when the soul is “born” or descended from Source, it is created in a group. The souls in this group are our soulmates, ones who are very like us in frequency makeup. Then each of these souls is split into two, creating the twins.

A soulmate is someone you are close to at a soul level, and with whom you have had many shared experiences in different lifetimes, in various kinds of relationships — siblings, parent-child, best friend, as well as romantic relationships. There is a deep love for each other, and a spiritual bond that sets them apart from the superficiality of most other people in your life. Conversations are generally deep, about personal growth and service to make the world a better place. We can have many soulmates in our lives, and they come to us to help us grow spiritually.

Have I Met My Twin?

Twin Flame reunions are the most fulfilling relationships we can enter into as humans, on all levels. However, twin flame couples have been extremely rare on the planet, and for good reasons, which will be described later. Despite this, we are finding that more and more twins are finding each other now, because of the acceleration of spiritual transformation and opportunities for soul evolution we are all experiencing. People are evolving and learning and healing at such a fast rate that they are getting ready for their twins faster. What used to take lifetimes to learn and heal, people are now going through in years or even months. This is the astounding level of acceleration we and the planet are going through.

When twins get together, it is for some kind of spiritual service work. This is their primary reason for finding each other, because through their union a huge birthing of creative energy is released, to be used for their mission together. More and more twins are attempting to get together now to help the planet and humanity make a big shift forward in consciousness.

However, many of these attempts at reunion are unsuccessful because the individual people are not quite ready for the intensity of a twin flame union. It is more intense than any other union, and this intensity is at a soul level, not as much in the physical or even emotional bodies. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good attraction at those levels as well, but the strongest attraction is of spirit. This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a twin soul. Many people think they have met their twin because the attraction is so intense, but it is a karmic attraction, one of need or bodily desire rather than the Divine Love of twins.

Your chance of meeting and staying with your twin depends on how evolved your soul is, and how much of your baggage from this and past lives you have cleared. The biggest reason twins have to separate after coming together is their individual emotional baggage. Because in the presence of your twin, there can be nothing between you, nothing blocking your closeness. This means that everything comes up for healing that you haven’t previously healed. Everything!

When twins reunite, both of them experience an acceleration of their spiritual growth and awakening. They get on the fast track of learning about esoteric wisdom and experiencing other states of consciousness. They usually haven’t been together all that often during their series of lives on the planet, and so their backgrounds may be different. Yet, there is a closeness and similarities of spirit that are almost uncanny, noticed in many ways, such as looking back at yourself when you look at your mate, and a remembering of the distant past when you first split up. Guidance is strong with these relationships, and usually one or both have a good channel for communication with Spirit. Their connection is telepathic, and hugging each other is like coming home for nourishment.

When you have opened your heart to the energy of your Twin Flame, you feel a Love like no other you have ever experienced.

There is a familiarity and a knowingness that is absolutely undeniable. 

He or she is the perfect mirror of you.

You experience that “in Love” feeling all the time, and waves of ecstasy and bliss pour through you.

I hope that answers some questions for you or at least opens up the information for you to realise there is someone out there waiting for you to find them or trying to find you.  

I found my twin flame online and we (just as friends and at separate times after we met) we had past life readings and found we were once husband and wife many thousands of years ago and we were also gifted crystal healers.

Our Soul names are Ashakala & Hashna.  We hope you find your twin soul this lifetime too. I can safely say the feelings of love and ecstacy when staring into eachothers eyes is totally true and the energy around us is felt by many others.


Love & Light to you all,