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A note from Creation

Hello and greetings to you all! 

 As I have mentioned before there is a new era (5th Density) which is soon to be upon us! A very real and undeniable turn of events that no one will have doubts about.

This reality will just be here in front of our faces. There are light and dark forces in and around this planet watching to see what happens. Some are helping us, as they have incarnated here, (Alaje is a perfect example of this),  so they have a right to assist and to ask for help (non terrestrial) for their personal safety, as they help us.  


There are a number of  souls who are themselves so badly damaged (and have been for millions of years)  that they themselves are now beginning to embark on a road to freedom.  They had many powers which weren’t restricting them from ruling the good entities, like you and me.   However the frequency of this planet is removing the shackles from us and they can not control their fellow man as they once did.  


We will continue to rise in frequency and all of us will be changing our circles of friends,  tv shows (or maybe no tv at all), activities , etc so we can begin dropping those negative energies associated with,  pain, loss, anger, fear, and other heavy energies.  Crystals are a great way to assist you in this time as they give out positive energy and can help raise your vibration.  Also removing meat from your diet will help greatly, as a killed animal carries a death hormone released at the time of killing/culling and this is of a very low vibration, and can not be cooked out. A detoxification is also a helpful way of making the transition into a higher vibration much smoother.


I have myself been looking at media (music and tv shows, even websites) that I once really enjoyed, to realize they hold negative energies which makes them uncomfortable to listen to or watch.  At the same time I am revisiting other music and websites that I once shunned to find out they actually hold positive energies.  However I haven’t found one tv show that is easy to watch.  Tv seems to be a point of control which is teeming with unwell humans, & or non earthbound entities.  There are good people on tv but in any case reduce your daily exposure to television, it is not a beneficial medium for the body, it is basically a a fast strobe light, which puts people in a suggestable state. Then all it takes is the wrong kind of person to be on the screen at the time, and you can start to pick up unwanted energies and even commands.

As your bodily heavy energies are diminishing, our light bodies will increase the flow of positive love energy and our day to day lives will become much more interesting on a telepathic, level,  we will ask ourselves questions and we will know the answers,  for some of you this is already a reality!   

I have a constant telepathy with my animals and small chats here & there are an every day occurrence, as with my family too,  they are very vocal telepathically and we are getting to know our real selves and each other quite rapidly!

Those who are not experiencing this, don’t worry , you will when the time is right, and you will just know.  Those of you who question yourselves “can i be a damaged soul?” do not worry either, a damaged soul would not question its wellness, as it is for want of a better word, insane.    Those who can not hold the high love frequency will be entering another reality similar to the frequency of the early 1990’s.   They will have the chance to begin learning what they need to learn in order to move up to where they belong.  They will not be tampered with from unfriendly external races, as this is prohibited and will not be tolerated.  We will all be moving forward regardless of which frequency / density  we move to.   

Be prepared for some interesting realities coming into your day to day lives, we will all be moving on to better ways of life.  I will surely see you soon.


Love & Light,


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