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Dogs are big readers!!

Hello & greetings,

For those of you who have dogs here is something I have come to know.  We have dogs and like many other dogs owners out there, some of us think we’ve got them worked out.  Others think they understand them a little, and there is the other end of the spectrum where some owners don’t have a clue, and are thankfully well trained by their dogs! 


We all take our dogs out for walks, or have enough land to have them run & play,  and one thing I’ve always wondered about is why do they take so much time in going round and sniffing things?  Do they just like smells?  Judging by their farts, this can not be the case!!!  I have a somewhat intuitive connection with our 3 family dogs, a Husky, golden retriver, and a Lab/Malamute mix.  This is what among many other things I have come to know.  


So what do dogs do? They have extremely sensitive noses which actually can read residual energy very well in-fact almost like a book!!  So when they are out in the garden they can tell who has been thur their territory what condition they were in, their mood at the time, their reason for entering their territory etc.  Each visit to the garden is a dog novel for them with all different sorts of characters,  story-lines,  etc.   It’s like catching the middle of a good book, and you wanna read more but there is no more until  the next visit to the garden, hoping to catch the next installment from the Bluebird and his family,  the deer passing thru and her hope of that promising buck she’s had her eye on!!!  


Who would have thought it?   Many animals can read this information, cat’s, birds etc, so the whole neighbourhood is in sync with it’s self including moving weather, which has its own signature.

Next time you let your dogs out, let them have a decent read, after all, Dogs are big readers!


Love & Light,


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