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New Life Energy.


Have you heard? There is a new awareness sweeping the planet.  The vibrational frequency of the planet is rising,  and people are becoming aware and informed about their true nature and multiple life histories.

Are you one of these people?   Have you noticed  new ideas, and new knowledge surfacing for you?  Have you notice any changes to yourself on any level which are out of what is considered to be normal?

“The Earth’s frequency or rate of vibration was thought to be constant. When NASA started measuring this in hertz it was at 7.8. Now it is at 11.2,has been measured as high as 14 and is speeding up.

At the same time the field strength of Earth’s gravity is dropping at an alarming rate. In the last few years magnetic north has been moving pretty fast as well. The inner core of the earth has also displaced itself from the angle of rotation of the earth’s crust-crustal displacement.

The sun’s own magnetic north and south is no longer detectable as of 1995. Solar flaresproton storms are off the scale. Remember the recent beeper satellite malfunction.

The sun holds all the planets in place. The atom is 99% space and 1% energy that behaves as though it were conscious. The entire universe is a pulsation of conscious energy.”

People have also become aware of energy moving from person to person, (good & bad), some are actually able to see this energy, and control it, create it, & use it for healing. Cats have been doing this for years with the sound energy from their purring.

Energy takes many forms; sound , light, love, etc.   Stop and take a look around.  Are things changing for you?

Love & Light,


Reader Comments (3)

Thankyou for sharing, I have just got back from USA as an invited member to a Sundance, I am with you on what you shared but until we as a consciousness fully awaken it is I feel necessary to do ceremonies as the collective focused has a much larger intent. Beautifully written thanks

Sun, August 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBobbie/U'lana'wa Nunnie'hi

Many thanks, Bobbie.

Love & Light

Sun, August 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterOne

[...] energy expanding with the rising frequency of Earth’s vibrations in my previous post “A New Life Energy”   I have found some information on how they work from Red Ice Creations , see [...]

Sun, August 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHealing Solfeggio Frequencies

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