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My name is Kriss and I am the owner of Solar Sphere along with my wife Sue. We live off the grid in the mountains of Colorado and WE LOVE helping people go green, generate green energy, and empower their world.

Every day we help hundreds of customers find the Solar Power Kits and Solar Panels they need. With a selection of over 1000 Solar Power Kits products you are sure to find just the item you are looking for. We have been in the Solar business since 1998 and truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you today and in the future!


Easy, Powerful Solar Power Kits Will Power Your Future

We have an expanded selection of plug and play, do it yourself, rv & boat systems, large grclass-tie systems, and even small units for just running a couple lights. Even if you’re not handy, virtually anyone can install these solar panel systems. 


The Cheapest Way To Go Green Is Solar Panel Kits!


We have the vclasseos and the solar cells you need to start building your own solar panels today! Our exclusive vclasseo series and the accompanying hardware kits CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB! Here’s the cheapest way to get started making energy from the sun.


Looking For Information About Solar Power?

These books and vclasseos are THE BEST way to get started in learning about green energy. They are available only here and will teach you to install solar panels, make your own, or even how to start a business in the green power industry. So what are you waiting for?!




If you’ve been paying attention to the rise of solar power the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a certain shift in public perception.

Where solar used to be an unpopular, wildly expensive form of power production, it’s now synonymous with financial gain, environmental progress and energy independence.   

The proof is in the numbers.

According to a poll by Applied Materials, over one-fourth, or 27% of Americans surveyed, would consider installing home solar panels on their rooftops.  And the reason is largely financial. Of the same respondents, 65% cited government incentives as their primary motivation, while 54% specified increased home values.

So how does a growing acceptance of solar power impact costs? As you might expect, it makes them more affordable than ever.  In fact, the cost per watt of solar has fallen from $4 to $1 since 2008. That’s a dollar per year decrease. Grid parity, says the experts, is coming faster than we could have anticipated.

And with the explosion of solar power start-up companies, we’ve seen all sorts of new business models that make solar accessible to the public.  Companies like SunRun Home, for example, offer solar financing options that eliminate the huge up-front cost of your system.

Solar leasing typically requires that you pay a low monthly fee, but because you don’t own the panels outright, the company will monitor, insure and maintain your system for the length of the contract (about 18-20 years).  Group buying, another option for those that lack cash up-front, allows you to co-purchase a large solar system with your neighborhood and share collectively in the savings.

Of course, not every home is right for solar panels. It’s best to get an assessment to ensure your rooftop receives adequate sunlight, and that your energy bill is high enough to benefit from the installation.  But with the tides turning in favor of solar, more opportunities are sure to make their entrance.

What about you? Would you consider installing panels on your home?

do it yourself solar power kits

solar education

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