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Pure foods mean no chemicals. Our foods are either 100% certified organic or wildcrafted and verifiably pesticide-free.



Heavy processing and high temperatures degrade foods and strip them of precious nutrients. Our foods are raw and processed using the lowest possible temperatures while maintaining the highest standards of safety.


 Non GMO

Genetically modifying foods are not a risk we’re willing to take. We don’t believe in changing what nature has already perfected. Sunfood began as a journey to discover food in its purest form.


As we explored the world - from the mountains of Tibet to the jungles of the Amazon to the farms of the Midwest - we found a common link: passion for sustainable raw and superfoods that can nourish and enrich lives.

As your guide to a new healthy lifestyle, we understand the responsibility that has been placed in our hands. It is why we have committed to continually improving the variety, quality and consistency of our foods and services.



Additionally, to ensure we treat the earth as we treat our own bodies, we also strongly advocate for organic farming, sustainable practices and green business policies. In everything we do, the purity of products and practices is our most valued standard.
As we continue this journey forward, we are committed to educating and engaging everyone about the rich possibilities of a raw and superfood lifestyle - one that takes a holistic view of your health, helping you be good to you.


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